I am Dr. O, The Teen Doc, I really love working with teens.
Where there are obstacles, I really see opportunities when it comes to teens. We all have the things we do because we love it, and to see the transformation of teens from doubtful and feeling unlovable to worthy and loving themselves is incredible. As amazing as this process is to be part of, however, I know it happens more efficiently in the context of a supportive family. The family is part of the coaching. So the transformation is not just about the teen, but about the teen-parent relationship and because it is impossible to change this relationship for one person, it ends up changing the entire family dynamic.
I provide support to families and teens via in-person visits, phone calls, and texts. There are supportive elements I use to increase the rate of learning and I feel the rewards are more often than not inspiring. You can put your energy and money into resolving crisis after crisis, or you can start as early as possible and invest your time, money and energy into learning how to prevent the crisis from worsening — eventually averting then all together. Remember, the teen years don’t have to be difficult. I am not joking, they really don’t.


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