The Past and Your Teen

hold a grudgeThere is nothing like knowing you have served your time. You have paid your debt to society and now you are free to start over. Only two things stand between this freedom. You and your teen’s thoughts.

Forgiveness is like paying your debt to society. Sometimes the society is your community, your family or yourself. When your teen makes a mistake otherwise called a learning opportunity, it is very important they forgive themselves and understand they have paid their debt to the society. If they can’t do this, the mistake becomes a symbol of failure rather than what it is meant to be, a learning opportunity.

Your teen learns this through you. When you accept and forgive your mistakes, you show your teen how to do this in their own life. When you forgive yourself, and do a tally of what you have learned then you show your teen what is important and how they are better for having made the mistake.

The past is the past, the mistakes your teen makes are in the past as well. When you are unable to forgive your teen, your teen is unable to forgive themselves and the past becomes their present and guides their future.

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