Dr. O’s Blog on Parenting Teens

Why me?

Eckart Tolle said in A New Earth, “life will give you the experience you need to emotionally grow.” What I tend to see in my patients is the mindset of why is this happening to me. This is common. We have all thought this. However, what Mr. Tolle is saying here is that life is giving us the experience to learn what is needed at this time. For example, some of u...

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Let Your Teen Grow

How are you ever going to get a job? Have a family? How are you ever going to live without me telling you what to do?! Ahhhhhh!

Guess what? They will. Sure, that’s easy for me to say. I haven’t seen them, insert obnoxious behavior here. They will because that’s what happens when they know the buck stops with them. You know, the bird that is kicked out...

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The Past and Your Teen

There is nothing like knowing you have served your time. You have paid your debt to society and now you are free to start over. Only two things stand between this freedom. You and your teen’s thoughts.

Forgiveness is like paying your debt to society. Sometimes the society is your community, your family or yourself. When your teen makes a mistake otherwis...

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Intention and Parenting Your Teen

Intention is a great place to start with anything and this includes parenting your teen. When you get that call that your teen was caught misbehaving or didn’t do what you asked them to do and you asked TEN times, before anything comes out of your mouth you have to ask yourself, what is my intention?

Intention is about getting in touch with the message y...

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