Big Impact

This e-book is written with respect to the busy parent or single parent’s life. It mis chock full of brief entries to get you thinking about how you interact with your teen, what your intention is with that interaction and then what your ultimate goal is. Like all things that are Dr. O, it is sometimes funny and other times just poignant. There are enough tips to read one each day for an entire year.

Gentle Reminders for Teens

This ebook was written for teens. It was written to help provide guidance on issues they may not want to hear their parents talk about, but may need to know. The writing style is short and to the point with each entry being brief enough to make a point, but not nearly long enough to make anyone, but especially a teen bored or feel like they are being given a lecture. There are 101 items to peruse as wanted and needed.

Are You Serious, It’s Just Sex?

In this first e-book written by Dr. O, she discusses the seventeen most common questions parents ask about their teen’s developing puberty and sexuality. There is bonus material to help guide you on various issues like birth control and dating contracts.

Are You Serious, It’s Just Sex?

This e-book further delves into issues concerning teens and discusssing the topics of sex. Each answer discusses how the issue can make a parent feel, a teen feel and what is normal in a straight or gay teen. There are bonus guides here as well.