Let Me Help You

Let Me Help You

Psychology is the study of the soul. I look at therapy as a healing of that soul, but I have always felt that therapy was not enough. A weekly meeting to vent is not really therapy. We are encouraging insight and understanding into the SELF. An amazing therapist Dick Shwartz summarizes the SELF or soul as the emotional space in which we are curious, confident, courageous, creative, calm, clear, connected and compassionate. In this space we use, as Dr. Dan Siegel describes the whole brain or what Brene Brown calls wholehearted living. We know this SELF in others because when we experience it we have an unspoken feeling of being connected. We don’t have to guess about how the interaction went, we feel that the other person is feeling our emotions and allowing us to feel theirs.

My approach is much more hands-on and I believe there are questions that come up in everyday living and we don’t know what to do. In those moments, we can regress with an emotional injury even after things have been going very well. Having a coach you can reach out to allows you to autocorrect as you go and maximize each interaction with your loved one. It is exciting to hear someone say, “I can’t believe that worked!”

Parenting is not intuitive. So this is NEVER about blaming. It is ALWAYS about understanding. My method allows for that understanding. Initially, everyone blames themselves and that is a human response, but as more emotional work is done it becomes so clear that your parenting is a culmination of generations and so there is no one to blame because they -the previous generation -didn’t know. It is ALWAYS about understanding. So my method is more than helping you gain insight, like a sports coach I tweak and advise and help you develop acquired secure attachments with your teen and ultimately the entire family. Dr. O is available to help by:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Youth Groups and Meetings
  • Marriage Support
  • Family Meetings
  • Divorce and custody support
  • School Concerns
  • Teen Coaching
  • Parent Coaching
  • Sibling relationship repair


  • “Your seminar makes me really think about how I communicate with my kids”
  • “Your seminar has made me catch myself pausing before I erect to something that touches a nerve”
  • “My teen found Dr. O. They text me from a lecture she was giving at school and asked me to call her to help our family.”
  • “Whether she is speaking to teens or educating parents on difficult issues relating to teens, Dr. O doesn’t disappoint. She related to both groups and can relate the information so that trie light bulbs go off that change lives.”
  • “It’s like she was in my head. I felt seen and heard when she was trying to help me with my anxiety.”
  • “I always love listening to your talks. They are very informative and practical. I wish I had them during our medical school years.”

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