TheTeenDoc presents a Ted Talk about how no matter what you are taught about open-minded thinking or told how special you are, anxiety and fear can limit your success.
TheTeenDoc presents to a group about homesexual development and identity confusion.

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“Fatso!” “Hey Dunk!” “Are you really going to eat THAT?”

Siblings and relatives teasing and bullying about weight can turn home into an unsafe haven for overweight teens. Parents need to empathize, intervene when needed, and understand how issues of weight affect teens’ developing sense of self. Join us for our interview with Dr. Kemi Ogantala — Dr. O as her patients like to call her — a teen doctor, speaker and blogger from the Bay Area known for her energetic, hip and real approach to very difficult teen issues such as sexual health, parent communication and teen development.

Adekemi Oguntala, MD is recognized for her energetic, and hip approach to difficult adolescent issues.

This includes such areas as eating disorders, club drugs, as well as sexual development, orientation and health. She is known as the “Teen Doc.” She currently heads the teen clinic at Kaiser South San Francisco in Daly City. There, she sees teens who are overweight, use and abuse substances, sexual orientation and gender identification issues, family planning and reproductive health concerns, depression, eating disorders and victims of sexual, physical and verbal violence.

African-American children and teens are at a 30% higher risk of being overweight compared to non-Hispanic whites.

But because they often see extra pounds as attractive — overweight girls and boys are often seen as “thick,” “endowed,” or “built” — doctors and others concerned about the health risks of obesity can encounter resistance. How can you convince kids and teens to take their health seriously if they don’t think they have a problem in the first place? And how to protect what is an enviable positive body image from the too-thin standards of the media?

Teen sexuality has become increasingly complex in this digital age.

With 24 hour communication via media, text, FB and more, some teens feel pressured to get sexual too soon. Teens hear “Everyone is doin’ it.” How can you help your teen know the facts, manage the pressure and make good decisions? Kemi Oguntala, MD, TheTeenDoc, explores with us today how to talk with our teens about sexual decision making.

Teacher Talk

TheTeenDoc talks with a group of teachers and shares how and why she got to be an advocate for teens. Enjoy this fascinating look into how she takes her adult brain into the world of teens and understand their obstacles and priorities.

If you have a tween who is becoming a teen you have seen the transition.

You were haloed, now you’re out. Friends are in. Hormones are flowing, the body is growing and we parents are freaked out! Well, some of us are, especially if it’s first tour to teendom.

TheTeenDoc is interviewed on The Family Confidential podcast.

In med school Dr. O (AKA TheTeenDoc) was told “You can be the brightest physician but if you can’t get the patient to tell you anything then really, all your training is useless.” That hit a chord. But then she realized that patients wouldn’t talk to you if you weren’t a warm enough person for them to open up to. Annie speaks with Dr. O about how she uses empathy and active listening to enhance the connection with her teen patients and how parents can do the same.